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Sharing Remedy Documents with Other Systems

The BMC Software, Inc.® Remedy IT Service Management System resides on the Remedy Action Request system architecture. AR System is a powerful foundation and development environment for applications that automate business processes. Its flexible multiplatform, multi-database architecture and highly customizable user interface enable AR System to be adapted to the unique business processes of a particular company and to evolve as those processes change.1

There are countless ways to share data including among others, email, CMDB federation, web services, vendor and view forms, LDAP integration, C and Java API, ODBC, and XML.

Recently we had a situation where documents needed to be reviewed at remote locations. The docs could be emailed or shared with other applications. To tackle this problem we used Remedy Java API calls. Used in conjunction with Remedy object workflow (i.e active links, filters, etc.), Java APIs are the most efficient method for accessing the complex Remedy database.

A small Java program was written to extract specific documents from a Remedy form (see the Blog, “Using a Java Call to extract attachments from Remedy”). The corresponding Remedy form was configured to execute the code using submit. The extracted document was made available for access by external systems and email. The document was also available to users with system directory access. The result allowed the user to store the document as needed in Remedy while providing a copy for external use all while preserving the integrity of the Remedy system.

Most all cross platform and system access problems can be solved with the AR System open architecture. The opportunities to integrate AR System with other applications are endless, ranging from simple access to diagnostic utilities to largescale integration with manufacturing, customer interaction, and financial accounting systems.2

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